A toxic tort lawsuit is brought against an individual or company for their inattention to pollution they have created that has caused personal injury or property damage. If the carelessness of another party has led to the contamination of your property or made you sick, you may have the right to pursue damages.

At Glade Voogt Lopez Smith, P.C., we represent those who have suffered personal injury and property damage due to toxic pollution. We have represented individuals in groups or alone in these cases. Our environmental class action experience includes the landmark class action case of Jackson v. Unocal (link) regarding pipeline contamination along 70 miles of pipeline. We also have represented large groups of individuals affected by asbestos contamination in apartment complexes as well as homeowners affected by gasoline or drycleaning solvents in the groundwater under their properties.

Regardless of your situation, our environmental law attorneys work with those knowledgeable in a multitude of related legal areas to achieve the maximum compensation for you.

Holding Polluters Accountable

In our environmental law practice, we have seen many situations where the responsible party was conscious of what was taking place. In other circumstances, unintentional actions have led to the contamination of homes and businesses. Regardless of the level of awareness, the violating party must be held accountable for damages and clean-up costs. Let us help you set things right by holding environmental polluters accountable.

Inman Flynn has successfully handled pollution suits including matters such as:

  • Groundwater contamination
  • Soil contamination
  • Interior mold
  • Benzene exposure
  • Asbestos exposure
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
  • Gasoline contamination
  • Drycleaning solvents
  • Pipeline contamination