Overview of Our Construction Law

Since 1961, our experience has involved representing clients in construction, including government and municipal projects. With several attorneys holding degrees in engineering and business, we are able to better grapple the technical and legal issues faced by our clients in the construction industry. Our attorneys belong to Construction Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association.

Construction Project Management

With a proactive approach to project management, our construction attorneys are prepared to represent you from the beginning. We provide assistance with bid disputes, review and revision of construction contracts and surety agreements, resolution of contract disputes during performance and after completion, and with collection of payment.

Public Contracting

For private contractors, public contracts bring layers of local, state, and federal issues, different from those in the private sector. We have specialized knowledge regarding the intricacies of federal, state and municipal construction contracting, dispute resolution, and payment issues. We will protect your rights while ensuring you satisfy all legal and contractual requirements.

Construction Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration

Construction disputes can result in both lost time and lost revenue. The attorneys of Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felser work to resolve construction and payment disputes as cost effectively and rapidly as possible. We engage in dispute resolution at all levels including negotiation meetings between parties, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, to protect your best interests.

Construction Projects

The construction project attorneys of Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felser are prepared to advise and represent anyone involved in a building project; these can be parties that are private or public, large or small. Whether you’re an owner, engineer, architect, general contractor, subcontractor, materialman, or supplier, our construction attorneys help protect your interests and reduce risk.

Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felser has decades of experience representing owners, developers, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers engaged in private and public construction projects. Including in the following areas:

  • Bid Disputes
  • Terms of engagement
  • Construction Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Contractor agreements
  • Compliance, Cure and Termination issues
  • Insurance
  • Jobsite safety protection
  • Payments, change orders, liens, verified statements of claim, bond claims, waivers, and releases
  • Public Contracting
  • Terms of engagement
  • Zoning, land use, permits, environmental considerations, OSHA

Construction Litigation

The construction lawyers at Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felserrepresent clients on the full range of claims and defenses related to construction project disputes. Whether you’re an owner trying to enforce or defend against termination related to nonperformance, a subcontractor collecting on a certified claim in a government construction project, or the many issues in between, our construction litigators are here to help you.
We are very resourceful in finding ways to get your attorney’s fees and costs reimbursed by the opposing party or obtaining insurance coverage for your defense costs. Our attorneys have successful experience in representing clients in litigation in the following areas:

  • Actions against payment and performance bonds
  • Construction defects and warranty litigation
  • Delay and lost productivity claims
  • Enforcement and defense of mechanic’s liens and verified statement of claims
  • Mechanics Lien foreclosure actions and public improvement liens
  • Miller Act and “Little” Miller Act claims
  • Public contract bid protests
  • Regulatory proceedings involving environmental or job safety issues
  • Third-party claims for indemnification

Bond Claims

Our attorneys have substantial experience in public construction; Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felser have substantial experience representing clients in the construction industry on local, municipal, state and federal projects. We assist with bid disputes, contract negotiations, and contract dispute resolution related to performance, nonpayment and defect disputes. We have filed, prosecuted and defended numerous Miller Act and Little Miller Act bond claims.

Construction Defects

Our construction attorneys have prosecuted and defended construction defect matters for owners, insurers, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Additionally, we have experience working on residential, commercial, industrial and highway projects. Construction defect matters require the ability to apply complex legal principles and regulations all while understanding the construction industry. This includes the ability to read and understand plans, specifications, shop drawings, as-built drawings, and construction schedules as well as the ability to inspect the work in the field.

Our Construction Law Attorneys

  • Andrew Felser
  • Jay Hermele
  • Herbert A. (Chip) Delap

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